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As mentioned above, the facilities and amenities available at Casa Laguerta by Stateland Inc. are up to par with some of the high-end real estate developments. Hence, it showcases the developer’s desire to provide comfortable and modern amenities to the homeowners despite the affordable pricing of the homes. It starts off with the basic features within the subdivision such as the concrete roads. All of the roads within the real estate development have been concretized. The main roads measure at 10 meters in width and the minor roads are available at 6.5 meters. For the alley, there is a 3-meter space of land available.

The entire subdivision is also protected by a perimeter fence. This is a basic security feature that ensures every homeowner can have peace of mind knowing that any unwanted intruders won’t have easy access to the subdivision premises. Meanwhile, the electrical distribution system with poles is set in place and ready for homeowners upon moving in. The drainage pipes are also in place and come with reinforced concrete. The entire subdivision is also supported by centralized water distribution system consisting of a deep well and elevated water tank.

All of the above mentioned facilities are designed to provide convenience to homeowners once they move into their homes. All of their basic needs such as electric and water supply, along with an efficient drainage system are in place.

For other additional amenities, the Casa Laguerta development also consists of a main entrance gate. The entrance gate is beautifully landscaped and maintained. Hence, this looks and feels more like a high-end subdivision than a low-income development. There are also parks within the subdivision, which is open for all residents to use. The parks provide a green space and a relaxing abode to take your kids to play or to simply enjoy and meet other residents of this community. And speaking of kids, there are playgrounds available for your kids to use at any time they want to go out and play.

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A multi-purpose hall is built at the heart of this real estate development in Calamba, Laguna. This multi-purpose hall stays true to its name – this hall is designed for use by the residents of the subdivision. This can also be used for private events or celebrations. All you have to do is coordinate with the administration to secure the area on your chosen date. Hence, there is no need to spend more money renting a venue for birthdays and other occasions since you can use the multi-purpose hall for that. This venue is also put in place in order to be used for homeowner’s meetings and other similar gatherings within the community.

The subdivision is also backed by a professional and efficient property management team in Casa Laguerta. Homeowners can therefore expect the same level of quality with the amenities in the community. A good property management system is ideal for residents to be able to maximize the use of these amenities and to ensure that they will last for many years.

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